"...ka ka ka karma payment plan," (tokyophonebook) wrote in dickswithhips,
"...ka ka ka karma payment plan,"

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hey guys

i have a penis, im 14, i have hips, iwear tight pants, i have curly hair, i listen to good music,and i hope this community gets bigger!!! that was random but true..bitch
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take a picture, i being one of the mods, command you
hi. my name is steve, i have a penis, and it has been over 18 months since i wore baggy pants, and since i put the 30 inch bottoms down, i have increasignly got tighter and tighter. (sorry no pic) i second tokyophonebook's motion!
invite your friends
i PROMISE with more people it will get better
none of my friends wear tight pants....hm
ok...i'm a chick...but that was just funny..so I had to tell you..sry for the inconveniece....continue on...


listen up, tell all your friends, IM me if you like it.

sounds like sex!!!
tight pants are beautiful... post some pics.

sorry to invade your lj but if you like postal service, death cab for cutie, dashboard confessional,stray light run , one line drawing, copeland or mae please check us out http://www.purevolume.com/DearMyDestruction
my my, aren't you a funny one. boys in tight pants are pretty neat.
i'm a girl that <3's tight pants b/c i <3 gay bois and emo bois, i just like 'um once they've passed puberty. but rock on.
hey pre-puberty boi how did you get that transition? that kicks serious ass
boys in tight pants are hot
you should join hardcorexhips
hey im 15 and you can IM me any time you want.....
my MSN sn is: iheratboyz@hotmail.com
my AOL sn is remembrance08 or xdyingx4xyoux....catch you later
by the way my name is tarah and i like atreyu and hardcore shit like that ...later
I think this is all quite hilarious... I'm 16, I also have hips, my hair is getting curly as it grows longer than it ever has before, I bet I listen to better music, and I wish the communtiy could start in some way...